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Young Medicine

Young Medicine are World Championship of Performing Arts gold, silver, and bronze medalists and overall division winners. They have had the opportunity to travel to many places and many stages in many parts of the world such as: Canada, United States, Peru, Africa and China. They are First Nations performers and use traditional and contemporary styles of music and dance to share their life experiences and culture.

Young Medicine's performance can be anywhere from one minute to an hour and it consists of blues, country, rock, and with a hint of funk; keeping it to grass roots music with the traditional and contemporary style of dance. The artists are Curt Young and Jamie Medicine Crane.

In the production Curt sings, plays guitar, cedar flute and hand drum. Jamie uses contemporary and Traditional styles of fancy dancing, she also sings, plays flute, hand drum and rattle. The entertainment opens with a prayer using the hand drum and expressive dance, and then the show gets into a music portion with guitar, hand drum, flute and rattle, that use a range of dancing throughout the show. This show targets many groups of all ages and may include certain organizations and/or topics such as: Empowerment, equality, youth leadership, Role Modeling, women’s rights, Believing in You and self-esteem.

Curt and Jamie hope to bring Young Medicine to the people of all cultures and of all ages to encourage positive progress with all nations!

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