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Ivan Flett Memorial Dancers

The Ivan Flett Memorial Square Dancers have a passion for dance, not just any dance but the Red River Jig and Square dance in which they love performing and bringing entertainment to people everywhere they go.

They like to consider themselves to be inspirational dancers who enjoy spreading and sharing their Metis culture through the Red River Jig. The Jig was established in the late 1700s and has been carried down through generations of past dancers, as a result we have this great group of young people carrying on the Metis tradition.

The group was founded and lead by Michael "Slick" Harris back in 2010 and formally known as the United Steppers. It is with great sadness but an honour to rename our group the Ivan Flett Memorial Dancers. Ivan was a proud supporter and took great pride in these dancers and he was also the Grand Father to three members of the group. Every dance we perform is in honour of him, he will be greatly missed and never forgotten.

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