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Shanley Spence

My name is Shanley Spence, I am twenty three years of age and an enthusiast of many things including, writing, travelling, creating and listening to music, performing both the fancy shawl dance and the traditional indigenous hoop dance, participating within the community and finding outlets to release my inner creativity. From my mother’s side I am originally from Mathias Colomb Cree Nation (Pukatawagon, Manitoba) and from my father’s side I am from Lake St. Martin First Nation which makes me both a Cree and Saulteaux Indigenous woman.

After discovering and following other blogs, I decided to create one of my own to share various life experiences and adventures with anyone willing to read them. This blog will contain posts consisting of my travels, various adventures, photography, written works, my own thoughts or community guests thoughts and other uncategorized goodness. I would like to send a huge thank you for taking the time to read, comment, share & show interest in what I post. I look forward to this new blogging experience/journey.

  • Restoring the Sacred and Sacred Hoop - Hoop Dancing with Shanley Spence

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