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Zuzuka Poderosa & Kush Arora

Zuzuka Poderosa is the queen warrior of her own special brand of Baile Funk: CARIOCA BASS

Funk Carioca (another name for Baile Funk, which means “The Funk Ball”) originated in the favelas of Rio de Janeiro, borrowing heavily from the Miami Booty Bass movement of the 80s; it’s just the starting place of the ZUZUKA POWER-sound.

Kush Arora has been sculpting cultural sound in San Francisco and beyond, branding his own signature imprint on bass driven music. With a hefty discography with collaborations/remixes ranging from Lady Chann to Eight Frozen Modules, Elephant Man to Balkan Beat Box, his sound has been sought after by futurists worldwide. Arising from the experimental scene of San Francisco, he carved his early chops not only in studios but working on sound design for the likes of David Lynch and games like Lord of the Rings. All shades of Dub, Garage, Dancehall, and Indo-Caribbean influences merge into his unique "Dread Bass" sound that has found him compared future riddim makers as Stereotyp, Muzlimgauze, The Bug and even Adrian Sherwood.

  • KS Presents Zuzuka Poderosa

  • Zuzuka Poderosa - Chama O Bombeiro (Call the Firefighter)

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