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Indigenous Music Without Borders mixtape, Volume 1

March 7, 2014

Lido Pimienta

Aboriginal Music Week is proud to introduce the "Indigenous Music Without Borders" mixtape series. The idea is to share some of the great music being made by Indigenous folks around the world, in almost every genre.

We plan to publish a new mixtape every two months with music that we find on SoundCloud.

Volume 1 includes eight tracks by Indigenous artists and music producers from Turtle Island and beyond.

Submissions for future mixtapes:
Email if you have some music on SoundCloud that you want us to consider for one of our upcoming mixtapes.

Lido Pimienta (Facebook | SoundCloud)
Known as “Colombian darling” and “Soundsister”, Lido Pimienta jumps back and forth from electronic beats, analog synths and Afro-Colombian rhythms to out-of-this-world chanting. The release of her first album Color LP opened the gate for several collaborations with artists in Canada and around the world, making her one of the most prolific song-writer, lyricist and an improv virtuoso of her generation.

astronomar (Facebook | SoundCloud)
astronomar has been stirring up and building alliances in the dance music community since he arrived in Seattle by way of Alaska in 2008. Newly relocated to Los Angeles in 2013, he’s seen by far his busiest year on the road, and in the studio, infiltrating the playlists of most every A-List DJ with ears. Thereʼs an intangible uniqueness to everything he does; a strong hip-hop influence permeates his productions, based on his earlier roots in hip hop & turntablism.

Las Cafeteras (Website | Facebook | SoundCloud)
Las Cafeteras combines the vibrant energy of Son Jarocho music with an edgy LA-alternative sound & political message. Their pounding Afro-Mexican rhythms, stomping zapateado dancing, & uplifting lyrics tell stories of everyday people searching for love & fighting for justice in the concrete jungle. This alt-son group re-mixes traditional sounds, adding Afro-Carribean marimbol, Native American drum & flute, cajon, hip hop, English & Spanglish to Jarocho instruments like jarana & requinto guitars, donkey jaw-bone, & the tarima (stomp box).

P-80 (Facebook | SoundCloud)
A Nova Scotia-based music producer from the Mi'kmaq Nation.

Clap Freckles (Facebook | SoundCloud)
Clap Pina (also know as Clap Freckles) is a DJ producer from Monterrey Nuevo Leon in Mexico. His most notable collaborations and remixes include track with 3ball Monterrey, Javier Estrada, and internationally acclaimed artist Pitbull. At 18 years he was acknowledged as one of the most influential and prominent pre-Hispanic tribal music producers in Mexico.

World Hood (Facebook | SoundCloud)
Afro-Latin Dub meets West Coast bass, World Hood, the self titled debut album from World Hood Music is a peaceful revolution in itself, uncrowded by the usual suspects. The group’s first release plays like a breakbeat fairytale with distinct Afro-beat, Cumbia, and Hip Hop chapters. World Hood music is what would commence shortly after.

Kinnie Starr (Website | Facebook | SoundCloud)
Unwavering, yet delicate. Poignant and intuitive. Powerful, yielding, gentle and fierce. MC, singer, musician, producer, poet, artist, seeker. She is a trusted guide and fearless explorer with a name respected in almost any cultural or artistic conversation. Her familiar and extraordinary voice continues to provoke new thought and an evolved understanding of art, love, sex, culture, humanity and more.

Exquisite Ghost (BandCamp | SoundCloud)
Exquisite Ghost is a Winnipeg-based producer. His debut album, entitled Shrines, is a must have for fans of FlyLo, Dilla, Pete Rock, Gaslamp Killer, Nosaj Thing, HudMo, and Samiyam.

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