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Mic Jordan | Photo supplied by artist

New visuals: Mic Jordan's "#DearNativeYouth"

By Alan Greyeyes | August 31, 2015

Tags: #DearNativeYouth | Frank Waln | Inez Jasper | Mic Jordan | music videos | new visuals | The Last Stand Mixtape

Turtle Mountain's  Mic Jordan released the music video for "#DearNativeYouth" today. The visuals and track precede the September debut of The Last Stand Mixtape, which brings together works by Frank Waln, Inez Jasper, Mic Jordan, and many others, in an effort to inspire and empower Native youth through spoken word, hip-hop, and collaborations therein.

With respect to the mixtape, Mic Jordan explains, "I stand for the youth: the the most powerful powerless human beings on the planet. By empowering the youth through music we can break the cycle of oppression.”

About Mic Jordan
Mic Jordan is an emcee from the Turtle Mountain Reservation, which is located in the southeastern part of the Turtle Mountain Plateau in the expansive Ojibwe Nation. As a young man, hip hop played a big role in his emotional and intellectual development and today he works hard to reproduce those benefits for other Native youth by engaging them through speech, presentation, and performance.