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Exquisite Ghost

Exquisite Ghost creates the type of music people will tend to wrack their brains over - that is, complex, yet vague. In his world are beats that stay steady and others that skitter off course at will, always propelling themselves through the layered and often swirling soundscapes that surround them. A wealth of organic and acoustic motifs merge with aureate synths, glitched fills and smokey-room jazz chill. There's a sense of pristine spaciousness within this music, facets of its being gliding about the frameworks of the tracks, coming to the forefront at times and simply melting into the atmospherics at others, seeming to occupy a three-dimensional space with the other elements of the productions. The architect of ExGhost's expansive structures is Jordan Thomas, constructed from his home in Winnipeg, Manitoba. His first full-length album, Shrines, was released in August 2013 on vinyl and digital via Salient Sounds.

  • Euphony by Exquisite Ghost

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