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Rey is an Indigenous MC and singer based in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Her consistency with making music and being involved in the community has lead her to perform at various events and venues such as; Wall to Wall, Nuit Blanche, Downtown Moves, Spence Neighbourhood Peace Rally and multiple showcases.

Rey writes about her culture, as well as the oppression and struggles that her people face. Her goal is to create an atmosphere of vulnerability and to encourage people to speak their truth. Rey came to Winnipeg homeless at 15 and had never been surrounded by an Indigenous community. Her first experience being among her people was when she was living on the streets; witnessing people her age living homeless with addictions and in similar circumstances. During this time, the walk of her life lead her to Studio 393 and she was exposed to The Winnipeg Hip Hop scene. Since then she has invested a lot of time in her musical ambitions and has turned her life around immensely.

"I speak for my people, I rap for my people, everything I do is for my people. I want to be a voice for my people; to use the voice that creator gave to me to speak my truth and spread hope that there is a path of healing for my people."

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