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Caid Jones

Caid Jones is a 21 year old First Nations/Irish hip hop artist born in Treaty 1, Winnipeg Manitoba. Caid Jones is focused heavily on community outreach, advocacy for Indigenous voices in business and is passionate about environmental and social justice. He centers his music around his story in hopes to connect with those who listen, speaking storytelling and raising awareness towards world issues in hopes to raise attention and vibration through art. Caid Jones brings passionate delivery combined with authentic and crafty wordplay, and has drawn attention with his compellingly raw stage presence. 

Caid Jones has a strong footing in the Winnipeg music scene with opening performances for artists like Swollen Members, Brother Ali, DJ Shub and Skratch Bastid. He has spent the last year building his community-focused brand PayAttention. He recently released his debut EP No Distractions Please via Birthday Cake in June 2021.

  • Caid Jones || sākihiwē festival 2021

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