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The Local Onlyz

The Local Onlyz are a 4-piece hip-hop group from Regina combining members of the nancy ray-guns with InfoRed (Brad Bellegarde) and hip-hop producer Merky Waters (Chris Merk). The group forges a fresh path for hip-hop with the song writing arrangements and powerhouse vocal hooks of Thomas Roussin (the nancy ray-guns), the hip-hop savvy of Merky Waters, and the rich, deep voice and thought-provoking lyrical passages of InfoRed to create tracks ripe for rippin! The group is dedicated to using original instrumentation as much as possible - creating sounds with guitar, mandolin, bass, Rhodes piano and live drums with the recent addition of Nathaniel Bowen (the nancy ray-guns). Their upcoming album, Kings Among Clowns (to be released Winter 2011) will surely leave its mark on the Canadian music scene with its array of addicting, triumphant anthems.

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